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IV Therapy: 3 Nanaimo Advantages

By Dr. Corin Tomlinson

January 8, 2024

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The trend towards individuals seeking holistic health solutions is on the rise in Nanaimo and throughout Vancouver Island. One naturopathic treatment approach that has been growing in popularity is intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy. IV nutrient therapy involves the administration of select nutrients directly into the bloodstream. These may include essential vitamins, minerals, or amino acids, and in some cases lesser known natural medicines such as Glutathione and NAD.

IV nutrient therapy is an evidence-based treatment modality that has many distinct advantages. In this post we explore our top three benefits of IV nutrient therapy for residents in the Nanaimo area.

1.) Unparalleled Absorption

With direct delivery into the bloodstream, IV nutrient therapy allows the bypass the digestive system, allowing for total absorption of the nutrients administered. This can be particularly beneficial for those who have digestive issues or nutrient absorption problems. However, IV nutrient therapy has been used for the treatment of a myriad of health conditions from fatigue, pain, diabetes, neurological conditions and more. For more information visit the BCND website.

2.) Mega-Dosing Potential

One of the most significant advantages of IV nutrient therapy is its ability to facilitate mega-dosing – delivering nutrient quantities far beyond what can be achieved through the diet or even oral supplementation. For example, while our digestive tract is estimated to absorb 100 mg to 500 mg of Vitamin C per hour, in IV nutrient therapy 10,000mg is commonly administered and doses as high as 100,000 mg are used in certain conditions. These mega-doses can have unique medicinal effects on the body that are often unattainable through traditional supplementation.

3.) Customizable Treatments

Each IV administered at Coastal Integrative Health & Wellness is custom formulated by Dr. Tomlinson ND. Individual nutrients can be added or removed depending on what is best for your body and achieving your health goals. Whether you’re an athlete seeking enhanced performance and recovery, someone dealing with chronic fatigue, or looking to boost your immune system, IV therapy can be tailored to address your specific needs.


IV nutrient therapy is more than a health trend, it is an evidence-based method of enhancing health and well-being that is being used in health clinics and hospitals throughout the world. In Nanaimo, we are proud to offer this unique treatment option, providing our community with a tool for improved health and vitality. Interested in learning more or scheduling a session? Contact us today.

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